Dining With Joy, by Rachel Hauck

book coverOnce in a while, a book comes along that you know would make a good family movie. This is one of those books. In the first chapter, you learn that ‘something’ happened on a promotional trip to Omaha. In the second, you learn what that ‘something’ was. The way it was written, I could picture immediately the opening teaser of the movie: cooking show host Joy Ballard reacting badly to a surprise cook-off with her rival.

I’ve not read anything by Rachel Hauck before, so I didn’t know this was the third in a series. The good news is that it can be read as a stand-alone and I didn’t feel I’d missed anything vital to the plot by not reading the first two. It is Christian, and is filled with references to God throughout. But it’s also a breezy romance where two people are struggling to do the right thing. Like all similar romance novels this one has a happy ending, but the journey to that end is definitely worth reading. The supporting characters are also a riot.

Publisher: Thomas Nelson

Pages: 320

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I received my copy of Dining With Joy through Thomas Nelson’s BookSneeze program and was happy to freely review this novel.


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