Be The People, by Carol M Swain, PhD

book coverIf you are concerned about the direction America is headed, you are not alone. The majority of Americans are disillusioned with the moral shift in our country and recognize that something is profoundly wrong.

It is time to take a long, hard look at our country and take action to reclaim our unique American vision. We the People must stand up and Be the People because we are ultimately responsible for our nation’s future.

In many eyes, Doctor Carol Swain is an anomaly. Despite growing up in poverty in the rural south, and having been a high school dropout and teenage single parent, she is what some would like to pretend didn’t exist. She is a black conservative – at a time when most black social commentators are liberal – and proud to be an American. Civil rights leaders will have you believe that nothing has changed for the black community since the Thirteenth Amendment was adopted in 1865. Individuals such as Doctor Swain and Presidential candidate, Herman Cain, prove otherwise. Swain’s personal story, included in this book, shows that America is still the land of opportunity for success regardless of race.

Be the People, however, is not merely about race. Swain takes a detailed look at our country’s history from 1620, through Revolution and slavery, to today. She reminds us how our Founding Fathers focused on faith in a ‘Creator’ and ‘natural law’ even if they weren’t Christian. There were not many shades of gray in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries as far as they were concerned. We get to see how attitudes have changed in almost 500 years, not just in our government but even in our churches. Chapters include subjects such as immigration, the family, and abortion, all from a Christian perspective.

Doctor Swain doesn’t just want us to read this book and put it aside. Under the heading ‘Action Points’ at the end of each chapter, we are given directions to additional reading and suggestions of volunteer activities. Her website also has group discussion questions for the book. Doctor Swain’s message is that we cannot just sit and watch our country continue in its steady decline; we must actively work for its change of direction. We must ‘be the people.’

Publisher: Thomas Nelson

Pages: 259

Release Date: 14 June 2011

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I received my free copy of Be the People from Thomas Nelson in exchange for an honest review.


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