The Lady of Bolton Hill, by Elizabeth Camden

book coverWhen Clara Endicott and Daniel Tremain’s worlds collide after twelve years apart, the spark that was once between them immediately reignites into a romance neither of them thought possible.

But time has changed them both.

Daniel is an industrial titan with powerful enemies. Clara is an idealistic journalist determined to defend underprivileged workers.

Can they withstand the cost of their convictions while their hearts–and lives–hang in the balance?

The second half of the 19th century was a period of great change for the United States. Not only was much of it rebuilding after the divisive Civil War, it was also a time of westward expansion and industrial growth. If someone was determined enough, they could climb the social ladder out of poverty through hard work. In The Lady of Bolton Hill, this is what Daniel Tremain has done. In the prologue – set in 1867 – we see him taking an engineering examination and hoping for a scholarship. His plan is interrupted, however, when he receives word that his father has been injured in a steel mill explosion. Daniel is now the sole provider for his family. To make matters worse, he later learns the explosion was caused by faulty equipment. Daniel is set on a course of revenge and, in the process, becomes a very wealthy man. Revenge is not his only weakness, however. He also falls in love with his childhood friend, Clara. Her father is a well-to-do pastor in Baltimore who appears to spend more time on social injustice than on bringing people to the Lord. Clara is following in her father’s footsteps and writes a vicious piece on Daniel’s business practices, focusing on how his need for revenge is hurting the poor worker.

Despite the difference of opinion, Daniel wants a life with Clara. But he isn’t a Christian which worries Clara. Due to their connection, however, Clara finds herself in a dangerous situation. Her abductor is involved in opium trafficking, but doesn’t appear to be the reason she was taken. We have a couple of chapters involving the opium trade but, given the reason for the kidnap, they seem superfluous to the overall plot.  Revenge and greed are the main motivations here. Even Daniel’s conversion seems to come from an ultimate desire to have Clara as his wife. The conversion of a secondary character, Alex, appears more genuine as he looks for a way out of his current situation. To be honest, I was far more interested in his life and had hoped to get more of his story. Perhaps that will be learned in a future novel.

Publisher: Bethany House

Pages: 336

Release Date: 01 June 2011

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