The Great American Awakening, by Jim DeMint

book cocverFollowing his New York Times best seller, Saving Freedom, U.S. Senator Jim DeMint’s The Great American Awakening chronicles two tumultuous years from the presidential election of 2008 through the mid-term elections of 2010 – a period that witnessed a controversial stimulus bill package, high-profile takeovers, and lesser-known executive actions that epitomize political paybacks and moral decay. With great integrity, DeMint shares untold insider views of such dealings that will further motivate concerned citizens to reclaim and truly change their government and country in 2012.

This is a look at the two years between 2008’s Presidential election and the 2010 mid-terms from someone who was in the middle of the action. So much happened in Washington during that time that it’s impossible for the average person to remember it all. The details of the executive orders President Obama issued in the days after his inauguration left me breathless, even though I knew about the majority of them. And I’d forgotten that Rick Santelli’s tea party rant took place less than one month after that inauguration. Anyone who thinks that the Tea Party is a GOP creation needs to remember that Rick Santelli was a CNBC reporter who had seen enough and had enough. His spontaneous rant on the floor of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange – cheered on by the traders behind him – was the 21st century’s ‘shot heard around the world.’

DeMint’s book isn’t just about the politics and policies. It is, at times, immensely personal. The Senator from South Carolina has written of the isolation he felt when he began the fight against the status quo, even among his fellow Republicans. He was ostracized when he opted to support political newcomers instead of party incumbents.  It’s telling that Chapter 1 is called Becoming an Outcast. For DeMint, the birth of the Tea Party movement was a sign that he wasn’t alone. He also writes candidly of learning that his wife, Debbie, had breast cancer. “My world seemed to go dark, and the cold around me penetrated my soul. Debbie shouldn’t have been alone at a time like this.” He contemplated not running for re-election, but, “To my amazement, Debbie said we couldn’t quit. She thought I should run again and stay in the fight.” It is telling that many of DeMint’s decisions – including this one – are made after prayer. DeMint’s faith is a constant throughout the book.

At the time of writing this review, Jim DeMint has announced he will not run for a third term. I suspect, however, that he will remain a strong force behind the scenes with his Senate Conservatives Fund. I pray that the Great American Awakening he has described here will continue after his time in Congress has ended.

Publisher: B & H Publishing Group

Page Count: 240

Release Date: 04 July 2011

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I won this book in a random contest on the B & H Publishing Group website. I was not required to write a review, positive or negative. I have chosen to write this review and all words – with the exception of the opening paragraph in bold and the quotes in paragraph 3 – are my own.


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