Inside Threat, by Jason Elam and Steve Yohn

book coverLinebacker Riley Covington’s tumultuous return to football after two seasons away is cut short when a new terrorist attack puts him and the woman he most cares about – Khadi Faroughi – in the crosshairs once again.

During a state funeral, a new generation of the Cause made up of homegrown Islamic terrorists overruns the National Cathedral and takes members of Congress and their entourages hostage, including Khadi, now employed as a security specialist for one of Washington’s most visible senators.

With so many lives on the line, Riley’s former boss – counterterrorism director Scott Ross – doesn’t want Riley anywhere near the scene. But with the clock ticking on the terrorists’ demands and the fate of the nation in the balance, Riley races to the scene armed with a dangerous rescue plan.

This is the fourth of the Riley Covington series, of which I’d read two of the previous titles. I’d not read the previous title, but it didn’t take long for me to realize that Riley didn’t like where he was in life. He’d left the counterterrorism unit, as had Khadi, and had also been traded to a football team where he didn’t feel useful. The first part of the book was slow. I couldn’t see how the terrorist attacks mentioned linked in to the main action at the National Cathedral. In a moment of weakness, I snuck a look at the back pages.

All I can say to the rest of you is, “Don’t Do It!” I was thoroughly spoiled for a major scene in the novel, and not in a good way. I continued the book with that sense of dread because I knew what was coming. If only I’d held out, because once the action gets going it REALLY gets going. And it’s serious.

This is a book about good versus evil, particularly about moderate patriotic American Muslims versus homegrown American Islamists. At one point, Khadi exchanges Koran quotes with the terrorist imam. Ultimately, however, this book asks the reader one question: are you willing to make the ultimate sacrifice?

Publisher: Tyndale

Page Count: 400

Release Date: 28 June 2011

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I received my complimentary copy of Inside Threat from Tyndale House Publishers in exchange for an honest review.


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