A Most Unsuitable Match, by Stephanie Grace Whitson

book coverMiss Fannie Rousseau is a young woman of privilege traveling west to uncover the truth behind a family secret.

Mr. Samuel Beck is on a mission to atone for past failures that still haunt him.

Their meeting aboard a steamboat to Montana sparks an unlikely attraction. They are opposites in every way… except in how neither one can stop thinking about the other.

Will the end of the journey bring the end of their relationship, or is it just the beginning?

People are not always how we perceive them to be, that’s the message from this book. Fannie has been brought up in an environment where she received everything except love. Now alone after her parents’ deaths, she faces startling realizations: bills haven’t been paid, her house is in disrepair, the family financial manager (for want of a better term) is encouraging her to marry, and finally she has learned her mother had a twin sister. Wanting an escape from her troubles, Fannie decides to take a trip via steamboat to Montana in search of her mysterious aunt. This is where she meets Samuel.

The book’s narrative is divided between the stories of Fannie and Samuel and how their lives intertwine. Much of the action takes place after Fannie and Samuel reach Fort Benton, Montana. Here we meet more characters of various backgrounds and, to be honest, I found the amount of characters slightly overwhelming at times. It also surprised me how a woman with Fannie’s background was so willing to put her trust in men she didn’t know.

The book itself is an enjoyable enough read and quick to finish if you’re not thinking too hard about the plot. The epilogue set in 1874, however, completely confused me. A new character was introduced and, while I knew her brother and – by implication – her father, I couldn’t figure out who her mother might be. We learn that it’s not Fannie, nor is it neither her friend Minette, nor the elusive aunt for they are both also mentioned. In my view, it’s a badly written section and perhaps could/should have been written differently. And that’s a shame for an otherwise pleasurable book.

Publisher: Bethany House

Page Count: 336

Release Date: 11 August 2011

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I received my free copy of A Most Unsuitable Match from Bethany House in exchange for an honest review.


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