The Scent of Rain, by Kristin Billerbeck

book coverCould it be that the life Daphne’s always wanted is right under her nose?

Daphne Sweeten left Paris—and a job she loved—to marry the man of her dreams in the U.S. But when he stands her up on their wedding day, she’s left reeling and senseless. Literally. She’s been trained as a perfume creator and now her sense of smell has disappeared along with her fiancé.

She has to figure out why her nose isn’t working, fix it, and get back to Paris. Meanwhile, she’ll rely on her chemistry skills and just hope her new boss at Gibraltar Products, Jesse, doesn’t notice her failing senses. They’ll be working together on household fragrances, not posh perfumes. How hard can it be?

As Daphne and Jesse work on a signature scent for their new line, she feels God at work as never before. And the promise of what’s possible is as fresh as the scent of rain.

Let me start by saying I usually enjoy books by Kristin Billerbeck. She’s a good writer and does well in the genre of Christian chick-lit. If I see a Kristin Billerbeck book either available for review or on the shelves at the local library I’ll usually pick it up. The only ones I don’t care for are classed as young adult. I’m afraid I left that demographic long ago.

This book is therefore a bit of a letdown. I found the plot confusing. I couldn’t figure out what was going on with the ex-fiancé and the explanation at the end felt forced. For all the talk of Paris, there were no scenes set in the city of lights. There were many characters, and most of them were not very likeable. I did, however, like Anne who did come across as the “rock” of Gibraltar. And toddlers are always fun to read if they’re as well written as Ben is. Finally, the “odd couple” in the science lab reminded this sci-fi geek of the characters of MacKay and Zelenka in television’s Stargate Atlantis.

Does that mean I’m not recommending this book to you? Of course not. If you want something to casually read while enjoying this summer’s sun, The Scent of Rain qualifies. It’s light, it’s breezy and I don’t feel I wasted my time with it (always a major factor in my reading). I’ll also look forward to the next Kristin Billerbeck novel, provided it isn’t young adult of course.

Publisher:  Thomas Nelson

Publication Date: 07 August 2012

Page Count: 302

Author’s Website    Publisher’s Product Page

Amazon   Barnes and Noble

Thank you to Thomas Nelson for my free copy of The Scent of Rain, which I received in exchange for an honest review.



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