The Shadow on the Quilt, by Stephanie Grace Whitson

book coverJuliana Sutton’s life looks perfect—from the outside. Until her husband’s untimely death reveals a devastating truth. . . . Cass Gregory is carrying his own dark secrets and feels unworthy to offer comfort to a woman of Juliana’s standing. When circumstances force them together, both Juliana and Cass are wounded and afraid to trust. Will the shadow of her dead husband’s name stand between Juliana and Cass, or will Juliana choose a love she never thought possible?

In the space of twenty four hours, Juliana Sutton’s life changed in a way she never thought possible. First, she learned that her husband of a decade had a mistress and child. While she was debating whether or not to break this news to the elderly aunts with whom they lived she noticed a fire coming from the warehouse district. Although the family initially believed Sterling was safe, the following morning they got the devastating news. The fire had gutted a brothel named Goldie’s, and Sterling Sutton’s body had been found there. The official story was that he was the brave hero, dashing in to help save lives, but Juliana knew differently. Among the items she inherited was an unfinished mansion, a mansion she never wanted. Now, Juliana had to decide what to do with it.

Stephanie Grace Whitson has put together another masterpiece with The Shadow on the Quilt. The cast of characters is varied and each comes to life as an important element of the community. My favorite characters were the spinster aunts, especially Aunt Theodora. Although elderly, both were very feisty (similar to a great aunt in my family) and had secrets of their own. They supported Juliana in her plans, and helped her as she moved on from Sterling’s death. I have a feeling they also knew of his marital betrayals. They stood tall in the gap as Juliana wrestled with emotions of pain, anger, loneliness, determination and forgiveness. The other character I liked was Helen Duncan. The wife of the bank manager, Helen initially came off as being pretentious. But even pretentious people have their breaking point and Helen eventually became an integral part of the story.

The Shadow on the Quilt is the second in The Quilt Chronicles series by Stephanie Grace Whitson. It has little to connect it to the first title, The Key on the Quilt, however, and so can be easily read as a standalone.

Publisher: Barbour Publishing

Publication Date: 01 September 2012

Page Count: 320

Author’s Website   Publisher’s Product Page

Amazon   Barnes and Noble

I downloaded my free copy of The Shadow on the Quilt from Barbour Publishing on the NetGalley website. I was under no obligation to write a review.

Edit: I have discovered a great blog entry by Stephanie Grace Whitson about the inspiration for The Shadow on the Quilt: The Home of the Friendless.



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