Love Finds You in Glacier Bay Alaska, by Tricia Goyer and Ocieanna Fleiss

book coverSinger Ginny Marshall is one signature away from the recording contract of her dreams—a deal that would guarantee success for the former foster child, who still struggles to bury the memories of her painful childhood. But Ginny needs advice from the one person who will look out for her best interests—her former fiancé, Brett Miller. She travels to the remote town of Glacier Bay, Alaska, where the town’s colorful characters and stunning scenery provide respite from LA’s pressures.

In Glacier Bay, Ginny discovers a box of old letters and is swept up in the love story between Clay, an early missionary to Alaska Territory, and Ellie, the woman who traveled there to be his children’s governess. When Ginny is reunited with Brett in Glacier Bay, will she discover—as Ellie did—that healing and love are sometimes found in the most unexpected places?

When you don’t have family, who can you turn to for unconditional advice? In Ginny’s case, it’s her ex-fiancé Bret. Their relationship went south when her career placed her in the heart of the Los Angeles music scene and Bret returned to his Alaskan home town of Gustavus, on Glacier Bay. It’s as different from LA as you can possibly get, and Ginny goes through culture shock when she first arrives. To make matters worse, because Bret doesn’t know she’s coming he’s out of town when she arrives. As a result, Ginny finds is billeted with his feisty Grandma Ethel, unable to leave – or perhaps unwilling – despite her manager’s machinations.

The latest installment of the Love Finds You series is beautifully written. Goyer and Fleiss bring the remote town of Gustavus to life, although I’m not sure I could live there! The letters that Grandma loans Ginny are written in distinctive voices and I shared Ginny’s desire to know how the story ended. This is both a contemporary and historical tale, with two romances wrapped around each other. It’s also an adventure because Glacier Bay still is wilderness country with all the dangers you’d expect of such an area, including bears and other wild animals.

Publisher: Summerside Press

Publication Date: 01 January 2013

Page Count: 314

Tricia Goyer’s Website   Ocieanna Fleiss’s Website

Amazon   Barnes and Noble

Thank you to the authors for my free copy of Love Finds You in Glacier Bay, which I received in exchange for an honest review.


One thought on “Love Finds You in Glacier Bay Alaska, by Tricia Goyer and Ocieanna Fleiss

  1. Wonderful review! You captured the essence of the story, Ive just finished this book and loved it! The love story mixed with the historical postcards is so moving.

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