How Can I Make Your Visits To My Blog More Interesting?

Hello dear readers

Can you believe we’re into February already? Where did January go? It doesn’t even seem that long since my husband and I were in Alabama and Florida for a couple of weeks last November! Speaking of Alabama, I am overjoyed that the hostage situation is over and five year old Ethan is free. Midland City in Alabama is just a couple of miles where my sister in law lives, and that’s the area where we were the weekend before Thanksgiving.

I already have a number of new releases lined up to read and review. On Wednesday, I’ll share my opinion of Allison Pittman’s latest release, All For a Song. I finished reading it this morning. How many of you have heard of Aimee Semple McPherson? I must admit, I’d heard of her but didn’t know much about her until reading this book. Her crusade is a major part of the plot. I hope you’ll read my comments on Wednesday. If you’ve also read this book, I’ll welcome your thoughts on it.

I currently post one book review a week, usually on a Wednesday. I’ve chosen to post on Wednesdays mainly because Mondays and Tuesdays are busy days for me. Plus, I want to share my review with you as soon as possible during the week 🙂 But I’ve learned how to schedule posts now, so often I have the review written and ready to go before then. When do you read my reviews? Do you read them when they come out or save them for a calmer time during the week?

I love to read. If you’ve seen my Goodreads account, you’ll perhaps have seen how many books I have that I’ve yet to read. (I bought two more this weekend!) I started this blog as a way to share my love of books. But, now I have an audience and I find myself asking, “What does my audience want to read on my blog?”

Readers, I am seeking your assistance. Is there something you would like to see on the Proverbial Reads blog? Are you happy with just one review a week or would you like to read other items on other days of the week? Would you like to know what books I’m planning on reviewing? Would you like to know about titles being released in the near future? What about the reviews themselves? Too long? Too short? Too many links? Too few links? What about the tags? Speaking of tags, I recently began including where the book was set. Is this something of interest to you?

Please leave me your comments in the reply form. I promise to read and think about everything you say. I may not make all the changes you request, but I’ll certainly consider them.


Your blogger and fellow believer in Christ

Sally M

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