To Honor and Trust, by Tracie Peterson and Judith Miller

book coverCome home to magnificent Bridal Veil Island Resort.

Callie Deboyer arrives at Bridal Veil Island to spend the winter working as a governess for the Bridgeport family. However, she finds she can’t fully enjoy the beautiful resort because questions about her future weigh heavily on her mind: Should she continue in this job she enjoys, or is God calling her to join her parents in their missionary work.

When she enrolls young Thomas Bridgeport in golf lessons, Callie meets Wesley Townsend, who urges Callie to take lessons, as well. During their time together, Callie comes to care for Wes – until she discovers that he’s been hiding something very important from her.

Then expensive jewels go missing from various homes on the island, and suspicion is aimed in Callie’s direction. Callie wonders if this is a sign she should leave it all behind and join her parents in Africa. Considering Wesley’s deceit, will he ever be a man Callie can honor and trust for the rest of the life?

The Bridal Veil Island series comes to an end with this latest title by best-selling writers Tracie Peterson and Judith Miller. It is now 1913 and the resort is well-established as a place where the wealthy spend their winters enjoying a whirl of parties and other leisure activities. Mrs. Bridgeport encourages Callie to attend many of these pursuits, in the hope that the younger woman will catch the eye of one of the vacationing guests. The reader learns immediately that Wes belongs to one of well-to-do families but, since he volunteers to be the golf pro position for the season, Callie believes he is one of Bridal Veil’s many staff members.

The historical details included in To Honor and Trust are accurate and the characters of Callie and Wes likeable. If a book must have a hero, so it must also have a villain. I was immediately suspicious of one character, but admit to being a little slow in piecing together the hints that identified her true identity. Although this is the final chapter of the trilogy, reading the first two books is not a necessity. They are tied together only by the setting of Bridal Veil Island, which is a fictional version of Jekyll Island off the coast of Georgia. In its heyday, the exclusive Jekyll Island Club was the winter vacation location for wealthy Americans families such as the Vanderbilts, Pulitzers and Morgans. Sadly, the Great Depression and World War II were both significant blows to the club; the 1942 season was its last.

Publisher: Bethany House

Publication Date: 01 January 2013

Page Count: 368

Traci Peterson’s Website   Judith Miller’s Website   Bethany House Website 

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Thank you to Bethany House for my free copy of To Honor and Trust, which I received in exchange for an honest review.


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