Trapped, by Irene Hannon

 book coverWhen Laura Griffith’s sixteen-year-old sister disappears on a frigid February day, leaving only a brief note behind, Laura resolves to do whatever it takes to track down the runaway teen. That includes recruiting ATF agent turned private investigator James Devlin to help. Dev knows time is of the essence with runaways–just forty-eight hours can mean the difference between recovery and ruin.

But the deeper he and Laura dig, the more Dev begins to suspect that something sinister is at work in the girl’s disappearance. And in the icy winter weather, the trail is going cold . . . 

Trapped is the second title in Irene Hannon’s Private Justice series. The first, Vanished, focused on Cal who was a police officer turned private investigator. It’s now the turn of his colleague, Dev, who takes the lead on a missing person case. As always, receptionist and Girl Friday, Nikki, can’t resist the teasing when the relationship between investigator and client becomes more than business.

This novel reminded me of both Silence of the Lambs and Sleeping with the Enemy, although it has a Christian emphasis. There is no Hannibal Lector, thankfully, but the villain reminded me of Julia Roberts’ creepy husband played by Patrick Bergin. I realized fairly early on that the bad guy wasn’t exactly sane, but I struggled to understand what might have caused his madness. The truth was a twist I definitely never saw coming. When a desperate man concluded he had nothing to lose, I wondered if everyone would make it out alive. There’s always a happy ending, but the question was how happy would it be.

After having now read Vanished and Trapped, I recognize that both of Hannan’s villains have two faces. They come across as good people, often going the extra mile to help people in the course of carrying out their jobs. Away from the public eye, however, they are extremely twisted. Right now, I’m going to presume the bad guy in the next book, Deceived, is of a similar type. I’ll have to wait until summer 2014 to see if I’m correct.

Thank you to Revell for my free copy of Trapped, which I received in exchange for posting an honest review during a blog tour.

Read an excerpt from Trapped

Publisher: Revell (a division of Baker Publishing Group)

Publication Date: 01 September 2013

Page Count: 400

Read more on:   Irene Hannon’s Website   Revell’s Website

Purchase on:   Amazon   Barnes & Noble

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