As Waters Gone By, by Cynthia Ruchti

book coverPublisher’s Overview:

Are the walls around her heart more daunting than the other barriers separating her from the man she married?

Emmalyn Ross never thought a person could feel this alone. Sustaining a marriage with a man who’s not by her side is no easy task, especially since her husband currently resides behind impenetrable prison walls. His actions stole her heart’s desire and gave their relationship a court-mandated five-year time-out. What didn’t fall apart that night fell apart in the intervening years.

Now, on a self-imposed exile to Madeline Island—one of the Apostle Islands of Lake Superior—Emmalyn starts rehabbing an old hunting cottage they’d purchased when life made sense. Restoring it may put a roof over her head, but a home needs more than a roof and walls, just as a marriage needs more than vows and a license. With only a handful of months before her husband is released, Emmalyn must figure out if and how they can ever be a couple again. And his silence isn’t helping.

My Take:

If you’re looking for non-stop drama and nail-biting cliffhangers, this is not a book for you. As Waters Gone By has an unhurried pace: it’s as slow moving as a deep river and equally as beautiful. Emmalyn arrives on Madeline Island at the end of the tourist season, hoping for solitude. But with the Wisconsin winter around the corner and a hole in her roof thanks to a fallen tree, she has no choice but to accept offers of help from the locals. In a short amount of time, strangers become friends and Emmalyn absorbs their lessons of grace and openness.

As Waters Gone By Cynthia RuchtiThis is a tale of change and adjustment, of picking up the broken pieces of life and putting them together to create something new. Emmalyn’s empty heart is right for filling, and it’s when she lets go of the one dream that God fulfills it in an unexpected way. She also discovers that maybe her husband isn’t wholly to blame for their estrangement after all.

As Waters Gone By is the second novel I’ve read by Cynthia Ruchti and I have to say it’s a compelling read. Despite the lack of high tension drama, it held my interest throughout and ended on a positive note. If Cynthia Ruchti is new to you, she’s an author I can definitely recommend.

Character Interview with Boozie Unfortunate

Thank you to Litfuse Publicity Group and Abingdon Press for my complimentary copy of As Waters Gone By, which I received in exchange for my honest review.

Have you read As Waters Gone By? Do you plan to read it? Let me know your thoughts.

Publisher: Abingdon Press

Publication Date: 05 May 2015

Page Count: 304

Read more on:   Cynthia Ruchti’s Website   Abingdon Press’s Website

Purchase on:   Amazon   Barnes & Noble   Books-a-million


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