Empire’s End, by Jerry B Jenkins

book coverPublisher’s Overview:

Jerry B. Jenkins’s new novel is filled with adventure, drama, historic people and places, and even romance. Empire’s End tells the story of a man who single- handedly turned the Roman Empire on-end. It will be the heart-stopping story of the year! Only a few snapshots of Paul’s life are revealed in the Bible. In this fictional account, Jenkins tells of a devout Jewish scholar, who after only three years in the Arabian wilderness, emerges as the greatest Christian theologian in history. This novel explains how, after supervising the death of Jesus’s disciples, Paul would be moved to effectively conquer the Roman Empire with a message about a Jewish man named Jesus. You’ll be captured by the shocking “thorn in the flesh” that burdened Paul’s heart. Empire’s End will cause you to rethink whether Paul ever experienced the love of a woman or the embrace of a child. Read on.

My Take:

Empire’s End is a book I would’ve loved to have loved. I’ve always been interested in Saul’s conversion on the road to Damascus. What was it like to encounter the Lord? What made him so certain he was conversing with someone he had believed dead and definitely not risen? How did it feel to be struck blind so suddenly? Despite reading this book, however, I’m no closer to any answers. The scene is written as starkly as it is in the Book of Acts.

This is perhaps the major problem with Empire’s End. The book is written more like a report than a piece of fiction. There’s little that evokes emotion, even during scenes of death and persecution. I was never excited or fearful for the characters. Actually, there were times I was bored or annoyed with Paul. The three years spent in the Arabian desert are mostly of Paul receiving teaching from the Lord. The words are familiar: they’re either lifted or adapted from the New Testament. I would say this fills a good portion of the book.

I had thought that, given the title, this book would cover the majority of Paul’s ministry and would end in Rome. Instead, it only covers the first couple of years after his conversion until he arrives in his home town of Tarsus. We don’t get the shipwreck by Malta nor his preaching in Greece. There is no hint that the Roman Empire will fall due to Paul’s teaching.

I’ve read some powerful novels set around events in the New Testament, including some about Paul. They’ve made me smile, made me cry, and made me think. I’m sorry to say that this isn’t one of them.

Thank you to Worthy Publishing for my complimentary copy of Empire’s End, which I received in exchange for my honest review.

Have you read Empire’s End? Do you plan to read it? Let me know your thoughts.

Publisher: Worthy Publishing

Publication Date: 09 June 2015

Page Count: 336

Read more on:   Worthy Publishing’s Website

Purchase on:   Amazon   Barnes & Noble   Books-a-million   Christianbook.com

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