Changes Ahead

First, let me say that I still love books and blogging about them. I’ve been able to discover some great Christian fiction and fantastic authors over the past couple of years and I hope you have as well.

The Christian publishing arena has changed since I began blogging. One company stopped publishing fiction approximately two years ago, and another is currently phasing out its fiction department. Other publishers have become imprints or divisions of other companies.

So with that being said, there are going to be some changes here at Proverbial Reads over the coming months. I’ve been looking at how I blog and identifying ways to refresh what I do. As you know, I review two books a week and the books I review are all Christian fiction of various genres. I’m never paid (I just get to keep the books that I’ve reviewed), so it really is a labor of love.

under construction 2Here’s what’ll change:

  • I’m slowly going to phase out reading and reviewing contemporary fiction. While I’ve read some amazing novels set in the present day, it’s easy (for me) to see that my love lies in historical fiction. I’ve read books set anywhere from the age of the Bible to World War II and will continue to read them. I do have commitments to review some upcoming contemporary novels and I will honor those commitments. This will continue to be a Christian fiction review blog.
  • I will gradually return to reviewing just one book a week. There was a time when my review schedule was booked solid for two months ahead of time. That is no longer the case. In fact, I’ve had to scramble recently to fill holes in the schedule when I’ve realized a book won’t arrive in time for a particular date. Reading and reviewing one book a week will also free up some time so I can so other things (or read some of the other books I’ve got that aren’t Christian fiction).

I do have another project in its beginning phases that will eventually combine both my love of books and history. I’ll share more about it further down the road.

Thanks for reading this today. I hope you’ll continue to follow and read Proverbial Reads.

With love



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