About Proverbial Reads

As an only child in a busy family, I was often told, “Go read a book.” As a result, I developed a love of the written word that has never disappeared. When I moved to the USA from the United Kingdom in 1998 the most important items to move with me were my books. Since then, my collection has grown extensively. When I’m on vacation, I’m more likely to purchase books about the area we’re visiting than anything else.

My husband and I married in 1998. He’s the reason I moved to the USA. We met at my college in Edinburgh, Scotland, where he was spending the semester on exchange from his university in Pennsylvania. I like to think we complement each other well. I’m loud, he’s quiet! He’s a mountain biker. I prefer to curl up in a corner with a good book. Actually, I always take a book with me to his races.

While he’d probably love to ride his mountain bike all day, he’s a home health physical therapist. We currently reside in western New York. I’m a stay at home wife who takes care of paying the bills, clipping the coupons, and figuring out our family trees. Occasionally, I surprise everyone by cleaning. Cleaning doesn’t come naturally for me. Why clean when I can read? I also have a couple of health issues, although I consider them minor in comparison to what many people face.

I began reviewing books in 2011. Initially, I reviewed both fiction and non-fiction. You’ll find my reviews of books by the likes of Max Lucado and Doctor David Jeremiah. In time, I decided to narrow my focus to fiction only. I love historic fiction, especially when it’s connected to actual events. My favorite era is The Gilded Age, which lasted from shortly after the end of the Civil War until just before World War One. My husband and I enjoy visiting Civil War sites and so I’m also interested in reading fictional interpretations of life during this tumultuous time. When I’m writing a review, I often get side tracked into researching the time period and setting of the book. As a result, the writing often takes longer than it should!

Finally, why is this blog called Proverbial Reads? Besides the book of Proverbs being one of my favorite parts of the Bible, I have a habit of saying things like, “A needle in the proverbial haystack” or “One fry short of the proverbial Happy Meal.” Elsewhere online, I’m known as Proverbial One, so in my crazy mind I guess it made proverbial sense 😉

4 thoughts on “About Proverbial Reads

  1. One of my favorite genres is historical fiction too! My favorite is the Victorian period; however, I enjoy the Regency period as well.
    I love the title of your blog and the backstory as to why you named it “Proverbial Reads.”

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