Books By Author

(note: where there are two or more authors, the first listed on the cover is the first listed here)


Andrews, Andy – Butterfly Effect, The

Andrews, Andy – Heart Mender, The


Bergren, Lisa T – Glamorous Illusions

Bergren, Lisa Tawn – Mercy Come Morning

Bricker, Sandra D – Always The Designer, Never The Bride


Calvert, Candace – Trauma Plan

Camden, Elizabeth – Lady of Bolton Hill, The

Carie, Jamie – The Guardian Duke

Coble, Colleen, Billerbeck, Kristin, Hunt, Diann and Hunter, Denise – Smitten

Collins, Brandilyn – Gone to Ground


Demint, Jim – Great American Awakening, The

Diamond Rio – Beautiful Mess: The Story of Diamond Rio

Dickerson, Melanie – Merchant’s Daughter, The


Elam, Jason and Yohn, Steven – Inside Threat

Elliott, Rosslyn – Sweeter Than Birdsong


Fuller, Kathleen – Treasuring Emma


Ganshert, Katie – Wildflowers from Winter

Gerlach, Rita – Before the Scarlet Dawn

Gist, Deeanne – Love on the Line


Harvey, Emily Sue – Unto These Hills

Hatcher, Robin Lee – Belonging

Hauck, Rachel – Dining With Joy

Hauck, Rachel – Wedding Dress, The

Hedlund, Jody – Doctor’s Lady, The

Herriman, Nancy – Irish Healer, The

Higgs, Liz Curtis – Bad Girls of the Bible

Higley, Tracy L – Garden of Madness

Hodgson, Mona – Too Rich for a Bride

Hunt, Diann – Bittersweet Surrender

Hunter, Denise – Accidental Bride, The


Jackson, Anne – Permission to Speak Freely

Jeremiah, Dr David – Living With Confidence in a Chaotic World

Jones, Denise Hildreth – First Gardener, The


Lamb, Scott and Ellsworth, Tim – Pujols: More Than a Game

Lee, Dr Richard G and Countryman, Jack – God’s Promises for the American Patriot

Leigh, Tamara – Restless in Carolina

Lucado, Max – Max on Life: Answers and Insights to Your Most Important Questions

Lucado, Max – Outlive Your Life


MacArthur, John – Slave: The Hidden Truth About Your Identity in Christ

Mateer, Anne – Wings of a Dream

Meissner, Susan – Sound Among the Trees, A

Miller, Serena D – Uncommon Grace, An

Moser, Nancy – Unlikely Suitor, An


O’Brien, Kim – Wedding Blunder in Black Hills, A


Parker, Star – Uncle Sam’s Plantation

Parsons, Golden Keyes – His Steadfast Love

Paul, Donita K – Two Tickets to the Christmas Ball

Peterson, Tracie – Chasing the Sun

Pittman, Allison – Forsaking All Others


Roper, Gayle – Shadows on the Sand


Sawyer, Kim Vogel – Song of My Heart

Singer, Randy – Last Plea Bargain, The

Swain, Carol M, PhD – Be The People


Taylor, Diana Wallis – Mary Magdalene

Tyrell, R Emmett Jr. – After the Hangover: The Conservatives’ Road to Recovery


Weber, Carolyn – Surprised By Oxford

Whitson, Stephanie Grace – Key on the Quilt, The

Whitson, Stephanie Grace – Most Unsuitable Match, A

Wilkinson, Darlene Marie – Secrets of the Vine for Women

Wiseman, Beth – Wonder of Your Love, The

Wright, Bradley R E – Upside

Wolf, Joan – Reluctant Queen, A

Woodsmall, Cindy – Harvest of Grace, The

Woodsmall, Cindy – When the Heart Cries

Woodsmall, Cindy and Flaud, Miriam – Plain Wisdom


Y’Barbo, Kathleen – Inconvenient Marriage of Charlotte Beck, The

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