Best Books of the Month: May

Take a look at some of my favorite books from previous years 🙂

book cover2012

A Sound Among the Trees – Susan Meissner

The Wedding Dress – Rachel Hauck

Wildflowers from Winter – Katie Ganshert

book cover2013

Unrivaled – Siri Mitchell

Once Upon a Prince – Rachel Hauck

When Love Calls – Lorna Seilstad

The Promise Box – Tricia Goyer

book cover2014

One More Last Chance – Cathleen Armstrong

While Love Stirs – Lorna Seilstad

Meant to be Mine – Becky Wade

A Woman of Fortune – Kellie Coates Gilbert

All My Belongings – Cynthia Ruchti

book cover2015

To Win Her Favor – Tamera Alexander

Wilderness Rising – A.L. Shields

Maggie Bright – Tracy Groot

book cover2016

Sofi’s Bridge – Christine Lindsay

Broken Ground – Karen Schreck Halvorsen


Best Books of the Month: February

Enjoy this look at some of the best books from Februarys past. Maybe you’ll find something new to read 🙂

book cover2012

The Accidental Bride – Denise Hunter

Promise Me This – Cathy Gohlke

book cover2013

Rebekah – Jill Eileen Smith

To Honor and Trust – Tracie Peterson

Moonlight Masquerade – Ruth Axtell

book cover2014

Rachel – Jill Eileen Smith

The Sinners’ Garden – William Sirls

Princess Ever After – Rachel Hauck

book cover2015

Beyond All Dreams – Elizabeth Camden

Where Rivers Part – Kellie Coates Gilbert

The Crimson Cord: Rahab’s Story – Jill Eileen Smith

How to Catch a Prince – Rachel Hauck

Mercy’s Rain – Cindy K. Sproles

book cover2016

The Prophetess: Deborah’s Story – Jill Eileen Smith

Room for Hope – Kim Vogel Sawyer

The Confessions of X – Suzanne M. Wolfe




What Matters Most, by Kellie Coates Gilbert

book coverPublisher’s Overview:

Just when she can’t take it anymore, Leta finally catches a break. But when things seem too good to be true, they often are.

Finding her dream job went right out the window when Leta Breckenridge had to quit school to help care for her mother suffering from dementia. When a delinquent account may force her mother into a less desirable facility, Leta is thrilled to land a high-paying job at an Austin public relations firm. But her seemingly ideal job turns into a nightmare when she learns the firm is a front for a political opposition organization–and that the research she’s been collecting will be used against Nathan Emerson, the handsome senator she’s swiftly falling in love with.

Nathan is a rising political star being pressured to run a bid to unseat the current governor of Texas. He’s already in a relationship with a woman much better suited to be a politician’s wife, but he’s never met anyone like Leta. Could this feisty woman hold the key to his heart–and his future?

My Take:

I’m so used to a series consisting of three books that it’s a surprise whenever a fourth title comes out. That’s the case here with the newest Texas Gold novel by Kellie Coates Gilbert. What Matters Most takes us into the world of Texas politics and contrasts an idealistic candidate who wants to do an honest job with the incumbent who will do whatever it takes to keep his job. Caught in between is a somewhat naïve and overworked young woman trying to provide for both herself and her mother.

While I’ve loved other books in the series, this Cinderella-style story didn’t grip me the way they had. I think it’s because I didn’t care much for the characters. I couldn’t connect with Leta and couldn’t understand how she could pay so much attention to detail in her research job but was so inattentive in other matters. Nathan’s mother was so pushy I wondered who’d want her as a mother-in-law!  I actually found the most sympathetic character to be Nathan’s girlfriend, who, most of the time, handled the situation with grace. Part of the storyline also felt a little unrealistic. While the idea of Nathan doing his own groceries was nice, I don’t think he’d really be able to do so without having his shopping list scrutinized by the media and the opposition research team! Wouldn’t he have a housekeeper for that?

Thank you to Revell for my complimentary copy of What Matters Most, which I received in exchange for my honest review.

Have you read What Matters Most? Do you plan to read it? Let me know your thoughts.


Publisher: Revell (a division of Baker Publishing)

Publication Date: 05 July 2016

Page Count: 320

Read more on:   Kellie Coates Gilbert’s Website   Revell’s Website

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