Books By Title


Accidental Bride, The – Hunter, Denise

Accidental Empress, The – Pataki, Allison

Accidental Life, An – Ewen, Pamela Binnings

Advocate, The – Singer, Randy

Afloat – Healy, Erin

After a Fashion – Turano, Jen

After the Hangover: The Conservatives’ Road to Recovery – Tyrell, R Emmett Jr.

Against the Tide – Camden, Elizabeth

All For a Sister – Pittman, Allison

All For a Song – Pittman, Allison

All For a Story – Pittman, Allison

All My Belongings – Ruchti, Cynthia

All Things New – Austin, Lynn

Always The Designer, Never The Bride – Bricker, Sandra D

Annie’s Stories – Thomson, Cindy

As Love Blooms – Seilstad, Lorna

As Waters Gone By – Ruchti, Cynthia

At Bluebonnet Lake – Cabot, Amanda

At Every Turn – Mateer, Anne

At Home in Last Chance – Armstrong, Cathleen


Babylon Contingency, The – Longley, Clifford

Bad Girls of the Bible – Higgs, Liz Curtis

Beautiful Mess: The Story of Diamond Rio – Diamond Rio with Tom Roland

Bees in the Butterfly Garden – Lang, Maureen

Belonging – Hatcher, Robin Lee

Before the Scarlet Dawn – Gerlach, Rita

Be the People – Swain, Carol M, PhD

Beloved – Hatcher, Robin Lee

Bending Toward the Sun – Hodgson, Mona

Betrayal – Hatcher, Robin Lee

Beyond All Dreams – Camden, Elizabeth

Beyond the Ashes – Barnett, Karen

Beyond the Storm – Zane, Carolyn

Bittersweet Surrender – Hunt, Diann

Born of Persuasion – Dotta, Jessica

Brentwood’s Ward – Griep, Michelle

Brickmaker’s Bride, The – Miller, Judith

Bride at Last, A – Jagears, Melissa

Bride in Store, A – Jagears, Melissa

Bride Wore Blue, The – Hodgson, Mona

Bridge to Haven – Rivers, Francine

Broken Kind of Beautiful, A – Ganshert, Katie

Buried Secrets – Hannon, Irene

Butterfly and the Violin, The – Cambron, Kristy

Butterfly Effect, The – Andrews, Andy

Butterfly Palace – Coble, Colleen


Cactus Creek Challenge, The – Vetsch, Erica

Carolina Gold – Love, Dorothy

Carolina Reckoning – Carter, Lisa

Chasing the Sun – Peterson, Tracie

Chateau of Secrets – Dobson, Melanie

Christmas Gift for Rose, A – Goyer, Tricia

Christmas Star, The – Collins, Ace

Choices of the Heart – Eakes, Laurie Alice

Church Builder, The – Shields, A.L.

City on Fire – Higley, Tracy L

Claudia, Wife of Pontius Pilate – Taylor, Diana Wallis

Color of Justice, The – Collins, Ace

Columbus Code, The – Evans, Mike

Crimson Cord, The – Smith, Jill Eileen

Cry From the Dust, A – Parks, Carrie Stuart

Curiosity Keeper, The – Ladd, Sarah E.

Cutting Edge, The – Collins, Ace


Daisies Are Forever – Tolsma, Liz

Dancing Master, The – Klassen, Julie

Dandelions on the Wind – Hodgson, Mona

Dare to Love Again – Lessman, Julie

Dark Biology – Doran, Bonnie

Daughter of Highland Hall, The – Turansky, Carrie

Day of Atonement – deSilva, David A.

Dead Lawyers Tell No Tales – Singer, Randy

Deadlock – Mills, DiAnn

Death on Lindisfarne – Sampson, Fay

Deceived – Hannon, Irene

Deception on Sable Hill – Gray, Shelley

Deposit Slip, The – Johnson, Todd

Devil Walks in Mattingly, The – Coffey, Billy

Dilemma of Charlotte Farrow, The – Newport, Olivia

Dining With Joy – Hauck, Rachel

Doctor’s Lady, The – Hedlund, Jody

Double Cross – Mills, DiAnn

Dubiosity – Barritt, Christy

Duke’s Promise, A – Carie, Jamie


Echoes of Mercy – Sawyer, Kim Vogel

Elegant Solution, An – Robertson, Paul

Empire’s End – Jenkins, Jerry B.

Every Perfect Gift – Love, Dorothy

Every Tear a Memory – Johnson, Myra


Fair Play – Gist, Deeanne

Fired Up – Connealy, Mary

Firefly Island – Wingate, Lisa

Firewall – Mills, DiAnn

First Gardener, The – Jones, Denise Hildreth

Flora’s Wish – Y’Barbo, Kathleen

Forgiven Duke, The – Carie, Jamie

For Every Season – Woodsmall, Cindy

For Such a Time – Breslin, Kate

Forsaking All Others – Pittman, Allison

Frame 232 – Mara, Wil

From the Start – Tagg, Melissa


Game, Set and Murder – Flynn, Elizabeth

Garden of Madness – Higley, Tracy L

Girl from the Train, The – Joubert, Irma

Glittering Promises – Bergren, Lisa T

Governess of Highland Hall, The – Turansky, Carrie

Glamorous Illusions – Bergren, Lisa T

God’s Promises for the American Patriot – Lee, Dr Richard G and Countryman, Jack

Gone South – Mosely, Meg

Gone to Ground – Collins, Brandilyn

Grave Consequences – Bergren, Lisa T

Great American Awakening, The – Demint, Jim

Guardian Duke, The – Carie, Jamie


Harvest of Grace, The – Woodsmall, Cindy

Headmistress of Rosemere, The – Ladd, Sarah E.

Healer of Carthage – Gentry, Lynne

Heart Deceived, A – Griep, Michelle

Heart Mender, The – Andrews, Andy

Hearts Made Whole – Hedlund, Jody

Heart’s Pursuit, The – Hatcher, Robin Lee

Heiress of Winterwood, The – Ladd, Sarah E

Heretic, The – Vyner-Brooks, Henry

Here to Stay – Tagg, Melissa

Hiding Places – Healy, Erin

His Steadfast Love – Parsons, Golden Keyes

Hollywood Lost – Collins, Ace

Home For My Heart, A – Mateer, Anne

House Divided, A – Whitlow, Robert

How Sweet the Sound – Sorrells, Amy K.

How to Catch a Prince – Hauck, Rachel

Hunted Hare, The – Sampson, Fay


Icecutter’s Daughter, The – Peterson, Tracie

Inconvenient Marriage of Charlotte Beck, The – Y’Barbo, Kathleen

In Firefly Valley – Cabot, Amanda

In Good Company – Turano, Jen

Inside Threat  – Elam, Jason and Yohn, Steve

In the Heart of the Dark Wood – Coffey, Billy

In the Shadow of Jezebel – Andrews, Mesu

Into the Whirlwind – Camden, Elizabeth

Invention of Sarah Cummings, The – Newport, Olivia

Invisible – Yttrup, Ginny

Irish Healer, The – Herriman, Nancy

Irish Meadows – Mason, Susan Anne

Isle of Shadows – Higley, Tracy L

It Happened at the Fair – Gist, Deeanne


Journey of Josephine Cain, The – Moser, Nancy


Keepers of the Covenant – Austin, Lynn

Key on the Quilt, The – Whitson, Stephanie Grace


Lady and the Officer, The – Ellis, Mary

Lady at Willowgrove Hall, A – Ladd, Sarah A

Lady of Bolton Hill, The – Camden, Elizabeth

Last Chance Hero – Armstrong, Cathleen

Last Con, The – Bartels, Zachary

Last Plea Bargain, The – Singer, Randy

Last Witness, The – Meade, Glenn

Legend of Sheba – Lee, Tosca

Letters From Ruby – Thomas, Adam

Like a Flower in Bloom – Mitchell, Siri

Living With Confidence in a Chaotic World – Jeremiah, Dr David

Love at Any Cost – Lessman, Julie

Love Comes Calling – Mitchell, Siri

Love Comes Home – Gabhart, Ann H.

Love Finds You in Glacier Bay, Alaska – Goyer, Tricia & Fleiss, Ocieanna

Love in a Broken Vessel – Andrews, Mesu

Lovelier Than Daylight – Elliott, Rosslynn

Love on the Line – Gist, Deeanne

Love’s Awakening – Frantz, Laura

Love’s Fortune – Frantz, Laura

Love’s Reckoning – Frantz, Laura

Love’s Sweet Beginning – Shorey, Ann

Luther and Katharina – Hedlund, Jody


Maggie Bright – Groot, Tracy

Mark of Distinction – Dotta, Jessica

Mary Magdalene – Taylor, Diana Wallis

Match of Wits, A – Turano, Jen

Matter of Heart, A – Peterson, Tracie

Max on Life: Answers and Insights to Your Most Important Questions – Lucado, Max

Meant to Be Mine – Wade, Becky

Memory Weaver, The – Kirkpatrick, Jane

Merchant’s Daughter, The – Dickerson, Melanie

Mercy Come Morning – Bergren, Lisa Tawn

Mercy’s Rain – Sproles, Cindy K.

Methuselah Project, The – Barry, Rick

Midnight on the Mississippi – Ellis, Mary

Millie’s Treasure – Y’Barbo, Kathleen

Miner’s Lady, The – Peterson, Tracie

Miracle at the Higher Grounds Cafe – Lucado, Max

Miracle Drug – Mabry, Richard L., M.D.

Mistaken – Barnett, Karen

Mistress of Tall Acre – Frantz, Laura

Moment in Time, A – Peterson, Tracie

Moonlight Masquerade – Axtell, Ruth

Most Inconvenient Marriage, A – Jennings, Regina

Most Peculiar Circumstance, A – Turano, Jen

Most Unsuitable Match, A – Whitson, Stephanie Grace

Mrs. Lincoln’s Rival – Chiaverini, Jennifer

Motherless – Healy, Erin

Murder at the Courthouse – Gabhart, A.H.

My Brother’s Crown – Clark, Mindy Starns & Gould, Leslie


Noble Groom, A – Hedlund, Jody

Noble Masquerade, A – Hunter, Kristi Ann

Not By Sight – Breslin, Kate


Once Upon a Prince – Hauck, Rachel

One More Last Chance – Armstrong, Cathleen

One Sunday – Cecil, Carrie Gerlach

On This Foundation – Austin, Lynn

Outlive Your Life – Lucado, Max

Out of the Ruins – Barnett, Karen


Palace of Darkness – Higley, Tracy L.

Patmos Deception, The – Bunn, Davis

Permission to Speak Freely – Jackson, Anne

Petticoat Detective – Brownley, Margaret

Pharaoh’s Daughter, The – Andrews, Mesu

Pioneer Christmas Collection, A

Place in His Heart, A – DeMarino, Rebecca

Plain Wisdom – Woodsmall, Cindy and Flaud, Miriam

Playing By Heart – Mateer, Anne

Playing Saint – Bartels, Zachary

Potter’s Lady, The – Miller, Judith

Prairie Song – Hodgson, Mona

Price of Privilege – Dotta, Jessica

Princess Ever After – Hauck, Rachel

Promise Box, The – Goyer, Tricia

Pujols: More Than the Game – Lamb, Scott and Ellsworth, Tim


Quaker and the Rebel, The – Ellis, Mary

Quarryman’s Bride, The – Peterson, Tracie

Queen’s Handmaid, The – Higley, Tracy L.


Rachel – Smith, Jill Eileen

Reason, The – Sirls, William

Reason to Stay, A – Gilbert, Kellie Coates

Rebellious Heart – Hedlund, Jody

Rebekah – Smith, Jill Eileen

Reign: The Chronicles of Queen Jezebel – Garrett, Ginger

Reluctant Queen, A – Wolf, Joan

Remember the Lilies – Tolsma, Liz

Rescue Team – Calvert, Candace

Respectable Actress, A – Love, Dorothy

Restless in Carolina – Leigh, Tamara

Return to Exile – Gentry, Lynne

Return to Me – Austin, Lynn

Rise and Shine – Bricker, Sandra D.

Road to Testament – Everson, Eva Marie

Rosemary Cottage – Coble, Colleen

Roses Have Thorns – Byrd, Sandra

Ruth, Mother of Kings – Taylor, Diana Wallis


Sadie’s Secret – Y’Barbo, Kathleen

Scent of Rain, The – Billerbeck, Kristin

Seagrass Pier – Coble, Colleen

Season For Tending, A – Woodsmall, Cindy

Seasons of Tomorrow – Woodsmall, Cindy

Secret of Pembroke Manor, The – Klassen, Julie

Secrets She Kept – Gohlke, Cathy

Secrets of Sloan House – Gray, Shelley

Secrets of the Vine for Women – Wilkinson, Darlene Marie

Seek and Hide – Stevens, Amanda G.

Seeker of Stars – Fish, Susan

Sensible Arrangement, A – Peterson, Tracie

Sentinels of Andersonville, The – Groot, Tracy

Shadowed by Grace – Putman, Cara

Shadow of the Mountain: Exodus – Graham, Cliff

Shadow on the Quilt, The – Whitson, Stephanie Grace

Shadows of Ladenbrooke Manor – Dobson, Melanie

Shadows on the Sand – Roper, Gayle

Sing For Me – Schreck, Karen Halvorsen

Sinners and the Sea – Kanner, Rebecca

Sinners’ Garden, The – Sirls, William

Slave: The Hidden Truth About Your Identity in Christ – MacArthur, John

Sleeping in Eden – Baart, Nicole

Small Town Girl – Gabhart, Ann H

Smitten – Coble, Colleen, Billerbeck, Kristin, Hunt, Diann and Hunter, Denise

Snow on the Tulips – Tolsma, Liz

Song of My Heart – Sawyer, Kim Vogel

Sons of Jude, The – Dodson, Brandt

So Shines the Night – Higley, Tracy L

Sound Among the Trees, A – Meissner, Susan

Sparrow in Terezin, A – Cambron, Kristy

Spy of Richmond – Green, Jocelyn

Stranger Things – Healy, Erin

Stuck Together – Connealy, Mary

Summer’s List – Higman, Anita

Surprised By Love – Lessman, Julie

Surprised By Oxford – Weber, Carolyn

Sweeter Than Birdsong – Elliott, Rosslyn

Sweet Mercy – Tatlock, Ann

Swept Away – Connealy, Mary


Talent for Trouble, A – Turano, Jen

Take This Cup – Thoene, Bodie & Brock

Thief, The – Landsem, Stephanie

Through Waters Deep – Sundin, Sarah

Tidewater Inn – Coble, Colleen

Tiffany Girl – Gist, Deeanne

To Capture Her Heart – DeMarino, Rebecca

To Everything a Season – Snelling, Lauraine

To Honor and To Trust – Peterson, Tracie & Miller, Judith

Tomb, The – Landsem, Stephanie

To Whisper Her Name – Alexander, Tamera

To Win Her Favor – Alexander, Tamera

Too Rich For a Bride – Hodgson, Mona

Traitor’s Wife, The – Pataki, Allison

Trapped – Hannon, Irene

Trauma Plan – Calvert, Candace

Travelers’ Rest – Tatlock, Ann

Treasuring Emma – Fuller, Kathleen

Trouble in Store – Cox, Carol

Touching the Sky – Peterson, Tracie

Twice a Bride – Hodgson, Mona

Two Tickets to the Christmas Ball – Paul, Donita K


Uncle Sam’s Plantation – Parker, Star

Uncommon Grace, An – Miller, Serena B

Unlikely Suitor, An – Moser, Nancy

Unrivaled – Mitchell, Siri

Until My Name is Known – Contreras, Sonya

Unto Thes Hills – Harvey, Emily Sue

Upside – Wright, Bradley R E


Valley of Decision – Gentry, Lynne

Vanished – Hannon, Irene

Veil of Pearls – Tyndall, MaryLu

Vinnie’s Diner – Allee, Jennifer


Wedding Blunder in Black Hills, A – O’Brien, Kim

Wedding Dress, The – Hauck, Rachel

Welcome to Last Chance – Armstrong, Cathleen

Well, The – Landsem, Stephanie

When the Clouds Roll By – Johnson, Myra

When the Heart Cries – Woodsmall, Cindy

When Jesus Wept – Thoene, Bodie & Brock

When Love Calls – Seilstad, Lorna

When Mockingbirds Sing – Coffey, Billy

Where Rivers Part – Gilbert, Kellie Coates

Where Treasure Hides – Alexander, Johnnie

While Love Stirs – Seilstad, Lorna

Whisper Goodbye – Johnson, Myra

Whispers in the Reading Room – Shelley Gray

Whispers on the Prairie – McDonough, Vickie

With Autumn’s Return – Cabot, Amanda

With Every Breath – Camden, Elizabeth

Widow of Gettysburg – Green, Jocelyn

Wilderness Rising – Shields, A.L.

Wildflowers from Winter – Ganshert, Katie

Wildwood Creek – Wingate, Lisa

Wings of a Dream – Mateer, Anne

Winnowing Season, The – Woodsmall, Cindy

Winter in Full Bloom – Higman, Anita

Wishing on Willows – Ganshert, Katie

Woman of Fortune, A – Gilbert, Kellie Coates

Wonder of Your Love, The – Wiseman, Beth


13, The – Cheuvront, Robbie, Reed, Eric, Allen, Shawn

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