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Want to contact me regarding Christian fiction reviews?

I do like to hear from my readers. For one thing, it shows me that I actually HAVE readers 🙂 But I also want to know what you like about this blog. Do you like the reviews? Do you like that I include links to excerpts and promotional videos where they’re available? What aspects of this blog help you the most in deciding what to read next? Would you like to see posts on upcoming online author chats, interviews with the authors and what books are coming out in the near future? What do you, dear reader, want to see on this blog beside reviews?

I do, however, have a couple of conditions…

I do not accept solicitations from self-published authors or for non-fiction works. I review Christian fiction only and already work with a majority of Christian publishers through their blogger programs. (See the blogroll on the right.) Please do not ask me for copies of the books I’ve reviewed. I occasionally host contests to win a book I’ve reviewed and you are welcome to enter those. Spam messages will be treated appropriately.

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